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    Central Park Plunge to raise money for research

    Mark Ould, Principal Podiatrist at Malibu Podiatry preparing for the Central Park Plunge

    Central Park Plunge – Dale Edgar spends his working life pushing people to their limits as the senior physiotherapist at the State adult burns unit, where he preaches short-term pain for long-term gain.

    It’s only fair, he says, that he gets a taste of his own medicine now and then and abseiling from the top of Perth’s Central Park building puts him about 220m out of his comfort zone as he prepares to participate in the Central Park Plunge.

    “This is a pretty extreme thing to do,” he said. “It will certainly be scary.”

    Dr Edgar will take the Central Park Plunge on August 8 to fund burns research through the Fiona Wood Foundation.

    He will be in a group of 50 people, including Bali bombing survivor Aaron Cowdery and Rockingham podiatrist Mark Ould.

    Mr Ould, 43, signed up for the plunge after a client, David Richards, was critically injured in a fire at Morley Galleria shopping centre in February.

    The Central Park Plunge, held over three days, aims to raise $350,000 for four charities — Ronald McDonald House, Fiona Wood Foundation, Anglicare WA and Kids’ Camps.

    Original article available – https://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/wa/a/28919864/big-plunge-to-raise-money-for-research/

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