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    Socks for Schools Program


    Socks for Schools Program Socks for Schools Program Socks for Schools Program Socks for Schools Program

    The Socks for Schools Program was developed by the Principal Podiatrist at Malibu Podiatry, Mark Ould.  It involved the collection of socks that were being used once in the capturing of 3-dimensional foot scans, and then discarded.  Mark believed that the socks could be collected and then provided to people less fortunate than many of us who would benefit from a perfectly good product that was been sent to land fill.

    At around the same time Mark was developing the program he was introduced to Elizabeth Stroud, a Director of Discovery Learning Pty Ltd, a Western Australian training and development company that had worked across Africa and Tanzania for twenty years.

    Following conversation between Elizabeth and Mark the Socks for Schools Program was established and Mark was assured that the socks collected would be distributed to children in rural schools and orphanages, especially in areas of colder climate in Tanzania.

    The most recently collected socks were sent to a school for blind children who lived in an extremely cold mountainous region, which is partially funded by the government and partially funded by a church.

    The photos above show a few of the 64 children at the school receiving their socks.

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